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Water Efficient Landscape Designs

One of the best means of conserving water is to design or modify your landscape to reduce its water requirements.

The ``traditional'' or ``conventional'' landscape is characterized by large areas of turf accented by
well-manicured trees and shrubs. This traditional landscape is typical of the cool, temperate regions of the northeastern U.S. and was brought to California as people moved west. Unfortunately, this traditional type of landscape is not well-adapted to inland Southern California's hotter, drier climate. As a result, traditional landscapes require large amounts of water and maintenance.

Outdoor Conservation Tips (PDF)

Beginners Step by Step Guide to Kicking Your Grass Habit (PDF)

Water Conservation Design Basics (PDF)

Landscape Site and Needs Assessment (PDF)

But if you are ready to take the step to having a beautiful landscape with lower water and maintenance needs, you've come to the right place! It's not hard.

Once you've given up the grass and are ready for a colorful, water saving landscape, you'll want to know water conservation garden design basics.

Next, do a site assessment based on how you use your landscape. Our checklist will help you determine your site needs.

Below find samples of landscape designs to consider. The designs are categorized either by the lot size, or by how you use your landscape.