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Local Landscape Ordinances

AB 1881, signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger, mandated that all cities in California implement a new state Landscape Ordinance or devise one their own by January 2010. The ordinances require that new construction or redeveloped properties install landscapes that can be sustained by a budgeted water allowance calculated by the evapotranspiration rate, an important part of the water cycle.

The WRI has culled the section specific to landscape standards, which may be helpful in determining design and plant choice. San Bernardino County Landscape Standards (PDF)

The City of San Bernardino also approved a Water Wise Landscape Permit that help owners of single-family residential properties that voluntarily wish to convert their grass lawns or other water-intensive landscaping to drought-tolerant vegetation. The program provides a procedure for those owners to obtain a permit that temporarily exempts their property from the Municipal Code that prohibits dead or dry vegetation while complying with guidelines set forth in an Ordinance. Permits are issued annually beginning June 1st and must be completed by the May 31st the following year. The WateWise Landscape Packet (PDF) includes program guidelines, application and agreement.