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How To

Time to dig in!

Whether you have already decided what you want to do with your water wise landscape, or are looking for ideas and instruction, you've come to the right place.


Beginner's Quick Guide to Kicking Your Grass Habit (PDF)

Do It Yousrelf Design and Plan (PDF)


First, we recommend you get an idea of the amount of water you use in and outside your home. Do that by calculating your total water footprint.

Once you know that, you may be looking for ways to decrease that footprint, even if you aren't yet ready to swap out your landscape. Here are some outdoor conservation ideas from the Association of California Water Agencies.

Once you're ready to kick your grass habit, you'll want to check out the list of Inland Empire Garden Friendly plants available at your local garden centers and the list of local waterwise landscape workshops being offered via the program.

Before you begin planting, however, you'll want to learn how to properly prepare your soil, take our irrigation tutorial and consider some sample designs we've created, depending on your lifestyle and how you use your garden.

If this has just whet your interest and you want to read more about climate appropriate landscapes and how to take care of them, here are some books that may help.

Other resources you might find helpful are: