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Inland Empire Garden Friendly™

Inland Empire Garden Friendly, visit them at

In the course of planning and construction of the CSUSB demonstration garden, the garden partners teamed up with other Inland Empire water agencies to create the Inland Empire Garden Friendly™ program.

The program is a way of educating the public about climate-appropriate landscaping options suited to the hotter, drier climate found in inland Southern California.

In addition to landscaping workshops throughout the region, there are plans to expand the program to include school fundraisers, landscape contests and other events.

Plants in the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation Demonstration Garden were selected specifically for their success in warmer climates. Signage in the garden provides the scientific and common name of each species of plants. Plants in the Garden that are on the official Inland Empire Garden Friendly™ plant list also sport the Inland Empire Garden Friendly™ logo on their signage.

Consumers may then easily identify those plants at their local garden centers because their pots will have the Inland Empire Garden Friendly™ logo prominently displayed.

IEGF Plant Guide (PDF)